Forest bridge | Brücke im Wald

I always like having a structure as my focal point, especially when I’m out amongst greenery. This little bridge across a nearby forest stream is really neat. It’s not quite as light in value as I painted it but I thought it would stand out more that way. Note to self: the ink lines in…


Bakery on wheels | Bäcker auf Rädern

I knew that it would be sunny in the morning, so I rushed out really early to paint. I went to the market and found myself an interesting-looking food truck. This blue one seemed to fit the bill. Sadly I forgot to take my easel and therefore had to hold my gear for over an…


Silver tea service | Silbernes Teegeschirr

What better way is there for getting ready for work than painting a little bit in the morning? My Berlin flatmate has a lovely set of silver tea things and I thought it would make a nice subject to start the day with. I mainly used yellow ochre and ultramarine for it, and an ink…


Old town | Altstadt

Two days ago, after a long day of desk work, I hopped on my bike and went sketching. The best thing was that I had no idea of where I would go this time. All I knew was that I would only use three colours, two of which had to be Transparent Yellow and Delft…


This year’s nasturtiums| Kapuzinerkresse 2016

My mother-in-law loves nasturtiums, as I found out when I painted last year’s nasturtiums. So now, when I inspect their brave climbing efforts, I always think of her. So these pretties give me joy twice: once for myself and on my mother-in-law’s behalf. Below is a photo of me painting them. They grow outside my…


After the thunderstorm | Nach dem Gewitter

My dad and I spent the day together yesterday renting a rail trolley with bicycles. The railtracks led through untainted forest which was wonderful, but five minutes after we had set out a heavy thunderstorm crushed down on us, drenching us completely. What an adventure!


Tall and narrow | Groß und schmal

Tall and narrow, that’s what my Moleskine watercolour sketchbook is when I use it upright. I decided to try and do this last night. This was also the first time I used my bicycle for a sketching expedition (I can report that the entire set-up is ok – I shall do it again) and I…